The Team

Sharing a strong sense of being client-centric, rigorous and engaged, the partners at Cælis lead a team of 40 employees reflecting their values.

With our close-knit and highly experienced, committed and enduring team to help you thrive and feel serene and more secure in your business and private life, we place our expertise and experience at your service each day. Our services are backed by our network of high-level partners (notaries, lawyers, jurists, colleagues, experts in mergers and acquisitions or in asset management) to bring you clear, precise custom-made solutions.

Our organization is both rigorous and formal, while remaining flexible and responsive for maximum efficiency in meeting your demands in each field of expertise: advisory (accounting, social, tax, legal), audit (statutory or contractual), or financial and tax engineering (evaluation, M&A, restructuring).  Solutions provided are systematically reviewed and validated by the firm’s partners. However, in order to maintain direct contacts and facilitate information flows, each individual case is handled directly by our managers who report to a supervisor selected in light of the company’s specificity and field of business.

The Partners

Frédéric Siméon (Accounting / Advisory) :

Olivier Bergeron (Audit / Advisory) : 

Philippe Dias (Accounting / Advisory) :

Geoffroy Joly (Audit / Advisory) :

Sophie Dorier (Accounting / Advisory) : 


Dominique Ferté (honorary president) :

Olivier Biétrix (honorary president †)


Didier Gagnon (Accounting / Advisory) :

Jing Haulbert (Audit / Advisory) :

Cyril Verchere (Audit / Advisory) :


Marie Cottinet (Accounting / Advisory) :

Irène Dubreuil (Legal) :

Adrien Guillon (Accounting / Advisory) :

Cécile Kuster (Accounting / Advisory) :

Florence Michaud (Labor) : 

Jessy Bardou (Accounting / Advisory) :  

Lauriane Braesch (Accounting / Advisory) :  

Sara Fourdrigniez (Accounting / Advisory) :  

Gérard Gonzalez (Accounting / Advisory) :  

Lauriane Raynaud (Accounting / Advisory) :  

Emilie Ung (Accounting / Advisory) :  

Emilie Foucher (Audit/ Advisory) :  


Carine Poupeney :

Sandrine Valette :

Audrey Areia : 

Sandrine Houel :