Our assignments

Cælis covers the full range of expertise linked to accountancy and advisory services. From startup to company disposal or transfer, the firm has a 360° vision of company management - and of the people forming the company. Our assignments are adjustable and may be tailored to suit each of our client's specific organization.

In addition, we handle all special assignments entrusted to us and are swift at delegating members of our team to work with the company whenever necessary. 

Through Cælis Audit FBA, Cælis can also perform all legal auditing assignments in carrying out statutory auditing, reviews linked directly to auditing, as well as contractual auditing in connection with mergers, acquisitions, or buy-ins/buy-outs (assets valuation, contributions auditing).

Nos missionsConsulting and Accounting

We work together to define your needs and your priorities based on your expectations and projects. We advise you on your organization according to your specificities so as to enhance your company's administrative efficiency (optimization of internal procedures, electronic documents management, etc.). We help you design and set up your business plans. All throughout the year, in collaboration with
the manager or management team, we provide strategic and financial support depending on your economic and tax environment. We also place at your disposal a certain number of business reporting tools highlighting the main business indicators as well as document templates to facilitate day-to-day business management. Your project becomes ours! 

Our Accounting Assignments

Drawing up financial statements 

  • - Bookkeeping and setting up accounting procedures 
  • - Organizing and auditing internal accounting services 
  • - Setting up analytical accounting 
  • - Regular monitoring and reporting (accounting position and business indicators)
  • - Preparation of balance sheets, income statements and notes to the financial statements 
  • - Drawing up consolidated balance sheets 
  • - Setting up and analysis of cash flow statements 
  • - Training

Management consultancy 

  • - Forward analyses and decision-making support
  • - Preparing short-, medium- and long-term cash flow budgets 
  • - Drawing up provisional financing plans 
  • - Assistance in obtaining grants and exemptions 
  • - Selecting financing methods
  • - Preparing credit applications 
  • - Comparisons between budget forecasts versus actuals 
  • - Support and advisory services during key milestones in company expansion

Advisory services in accounting and tax optimization 

  • - Monitoring and advisory services in tax legislation 
  • - Case management and advisory services in financing and tax credits (Coface, Oseo, Research tax credit, etc.) 
  • - Tax management for corporations and company directors (filing tax returns, advisory service and analysis)
  • - Assistance and advisory services during tax inspections 
  • - Setting up of group tax schemes, tax consolidation 
  • - Tax optimization for companies and managers

Our Labor-related Assignments

Payroll Management 

  • - Preparation of payslips and social security statements 
  • - Outsourced management of human resources 
  • - Drawing up annual social data statements (French DADS)

Advisory Services in Labor Law 

  • - Assistance in implementing laws and regulations (optimization plan)
  • - Drafting employment contracts, setting up procedures for staff restructuring plans 
  • - Setting up of representative bodies 
  • - Setting up and drafting employee profit-sharing and incentive schemes 
  • - Regulatory intelligence and alerts 
  • - Special assignments

Human Resources Management

  • - Setting up staff restructuring plan 
  • - Setting up staff representative bodies 
  • - Social and administrative audit
  • - Special assignments linked to social activities in the company 
  • - Assistance and advisory services during social security (e.g. Urssaf) and other inspections
  • - Training

Our Statutory Assignments

Corporate law

  • - Support in setting up companies (drafting articles of association, help with formation procedures)
  • - Advisory service on the choice of legal form and on the entrepreneur's tax and social status
  • - Assistance in taking the necessary steps for the continuation or transformation of companies (drafting articles of
       association and contracts, legal and tax advisory services and analyses, etc.)
  • - Advisory services and assistance in drawing up applications for subsidies or grants for starting or taking over a business
  • - Legal secretariat for companies 
  • - Advisory services and legal assistance 
  • - Assistance in business transfers

Business law 

  • - Drafting lease agreements 
  • - Drawing up trade and other agreements

Nos missionsSpecial Assignments and Operations

Cælis has the ability to cater to a great diversity of requests for special assignments linked to corporate life and organization, human resources management (together with the relevant departments within in the company) and carries out audits in the field of administrative and financial organization. As part of its contractual assignments Cælis handles, for instance, outsourced administrative and financial management of private equity funds for which we manage portfolio analyses, reporting, and budgets. The firm also carries out consulting and facilitation assignments in strategic and/or ad hoc transactions (M&A, search for partners, financing, assets management, tax optimization and reporting, etc.).

Our Special Assignments


  • - Outsourced management of administrative and financial functions 
  • - Engineering applications for funding, search for financial partners 
  • - Auditing administrative and financial functions, advisory services on organization

Strategic facilitation 

  • - Analysis and advisory 
  • - Support in decision-making
  • - Evaluation

Mergers & acquisitions

  • - Strategic analysis and support in decision-making 
  • - Preparing M&A projects, search for partners, facilitation and advisory 
  • - Due diligence, assets valuation 
  • - Search for funding
  • - Organization of club-deal

Assets management & business transfers

  • - Financial structuring, search for partners 
  • - Support and tax advisory (analysis, summary reports, assistance in decision-making , monitoring, etc.)
  • - Assets transfer

Human resources management and labor-related areas

  • - Setting up staff restructuring plans 
  • - Setting up staff representative bodies 
  • - Labor-related and administrative audit 
  • - Training

Nos missionsStatutory and Contractual Auditing

Cælis Audit FBA proposes all the tasks of a statutory auditor. These include statutory auditing of companies' financial statements and, at the request of controlled entities, a certain number of services linked to statutory auditing and that are directly related
to the audit engagement.

Statutory auditing provides a high level of assurance that the financial statements comply with the general principles of continuity, sincerity and a true and faithful image. It enhances the quality and transparency of accounting and financial reporting provided by the controlled entities and is indispensable for trust and proper exchange of financial data.

Services directly related to the audit engagement, also known as contractual assignments, may be carried out at the request of controlled entities. 

Statutory Audit

Statutory assignment 

  • - Certification of the financial statements (statutory audits and joint audits)
  • - Transactions involving company capital

Contractual Audit

Services directly related to the audit engagement (contractual assignments)

  • - Limited examination 
  • - Agreed standards and procedures 
  • - Consultations
  • - Certification of interim financial statements 
  • - Opinion on forecast financial statements 
  • - Issuance of certificates for obtaining grants and subsidies 
  • - Due diligence in any buy-out procedure

Other special assignments 

  • - Auditing assets contributions 
  • - Auditing business conversions 
  • - Auditing mergers