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Cælis strengthens its teams and inaugurates a new firm in Lyon. Because it is essential to stay on the alert and to acquire new expertise to provide our clients with always more efficient solutions, Cælis is beefing up its team and growing bigger. Olivier Bietrix, 50 years old and a top-notch chartered accountant, has joined us for the Paris and Lyon regions.

This major addition, an important milestone in our history, must expand our scope of action and extend the firm’s field of expertise in audit, financial advisory and tax engineering. It must open us up to new areas and help us to capture new networks of excellence.

This is also an opportunity to be even more responsive in implementing and deploying special and complex transactions such as mergers and acquisitions (due diligence), assessments, and assistance for underperforming companies (restructuring).  This high-level reinforcement will give us the necessary expertise, dynamism and resources for advising, steering and assisting our clients with optimal solutions to conduct their activity and grow their business.

This project also allows Cælis to actively pave the way for the future. After thorough analysis, this new phase of expansion will make our organization even more open and more effective. Cælis teams in Paris and Lyon will be working together in coordination on matters requiring, for instance, a common and concerted approach in both cities.

As always, our goal will be to serve the interests of all those who place their trust in us in this changing world, without ever undermining our values and principles: commitment, engagement, loyalty, common sense. More than ever before, standing by your side, Cælis remains the creator of value.

Charting a course in support of a strategy… The very first months of the year are ideal for charting a course. For drawing up your own personal roadmap to implement your own projects or setting a common objective for all teams in your company.  The goal to be attained and the message in favor of its attainment will allow you to express your intent while giving a new thrust.  In response to an uncertain environment with global and complex economic, societal and environment challenges, it is essential to redefine the principles guiding your actions based on a clear vision of the target to be reached.  This exercise is indispensable both on a personal level and for any human organization, and necessitates seeing things from a new perspective and as objectively as possible.

 “The man, who lets fly an arrow to any purpose” says Seneca in one of the 25 Moral Epistles addressed to Lucilius , “must first know the mark he aims at, and accordingly direct and guide it... To one, ignorant of what port he is steering to, all winds are the same.” A roadmap offers many advantages. It serves as a guide throughout the journey and either validates the relevance of earlier choices made or indicates that you are drifting away from your initial plan. It allows you to correct mistakes or confirm that you are heading in the right direction. Each step forward builds motivation, reinstates meaning and crafts a common vision. 

Charting a course begins with expressing intent. Uncertainty, multifarious variables and constant interactions between ourselves and the world around us make any form of modelling unsuitable to implement a strategy, thereby jeopardizing the attainment of any goal. If we knew what the future holds in store, the outcome would be a foregone conclusion; just a matter of computing power. What really counts is people’s ability to envision whatever is needed to stay the course set for them as well as their capacity to act autonomously to ultimately win the day.

Intelligence, intuition and creativity at the level of each team member make all the difference. It is pointless to strive for total control. Trusting yourself and your teams is by far the best way to go.  The meaning given to a given assignment – the intent referred to earlier – is precisely the factor that will generate overall efficiency, channel individual initiatives, and make the efforts deployed converge towards the goal to be attained, within the framework of values shared by all.

Speaking about his troops, General Patton singled out this famous intent when he said: “Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity”.  Setting a course means fostering emulation through a clear message, generating a momentum and letting collective intelligence do the job by leveraging everyone’s talents. 

Training as pleasure and necessity…
The French poet Nicolas Boileau, speaking of poetry, wrote bluntly: “Make haste slowly, and without losing heart, put your work twenty times upon the anvil”.
He conveys the idea of endeavor, patience and common sense. The poet also rejects being content with what you already have out of self-satisfaction. Our knowledge must constantly be confronted with real-life experiences, new thought patterns, new ways to getting to the essential. The quick-paced changes in our work and life environment compel us to innovate and to be adaptable. We must be always on the lookout in order to understand and anticipate so as to be prepared at all times to be responsive in taking action to better serve our clients.

In the final analysis, enhancing and upgrading our ability to understand the world depends only on our determination, our curiosity for using the most efficient tools, and our desire to learn or to refresh our knowledge. This desire must be our guiding light. Let us not be afraid to call ourselves into question and to tackle these new areas of knowledge formed by new technologies for instance, thus allowing us to grasp and better cope with these challenges. Let us keep our minds riveted on changes in our business environment and its enabling technologies. Let us also learn to identify the consumption trends which will fuel the market in the future, and to detect the small signals which will generate success tomorrow. The French sociologist Edgar Morin predicted that “everything begins, always, with an innovation; a new deviant message, marginal, modest and often invisible to contemporaries”. For this, you need to be guided, initiated, and trained, but you must also be passionate.

Learning cannot be improvised.  Taking a lesson is a privilege and you must be able to get the most of it. The finest champions accept this exercise even though they may be best-of-class. Nothing can ever be taken for granted.  They humbly cease to take the lead and agree to become pupils once again, questioning their skills and comparing their experiences. Training, or encouraging your teams to undergo training, brings out the best in people depending on their abilities and with such team spirit that complementarity engenders performance.

This is an excellent way to reconsider the roadmap for your business undertaking or career. A great way to manage change, roll out a new strategy or deploy new working methods.  Based on simple common sense, training is first and foremost a powerful driver to make progress, up the ante, restore vitality, and to bring about changes in yourself, to create value…

What if the arrival of summer were an opportunity for you to set a new pace, for a change of rhythm, to calm down and take time out ? Our companies, our businesses, the currently unpredictable and ever-changing environment forces us to be constantly on the lookout, ready to anticipate, make decisions and take action. We are obliged to respond to the many imperatives imposed by our connected societies.  This unwavering commitment is both necessary and desirable. We uphold this principle for our teams and our clients: the ability to take good decisions and to act swiftly increases your chances of success and is the very essence of our human and entrepreneurial adventure.
We all know that haste makes waste. We must be like the fencer who takes his time to analyze and assess his opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, evaluating the situation before launching an attack when the time is right, executing the appropriate movement with sheer elegance.
Taking time out to stand back allows you to analyze the situation objectively. Taking time out encourages introspection and exchanges, looking inwards at first and then interacting with those around us who may have precious advice to offer. Taking time out is an ideal opportunity to ask questions and to listen to different opinions on matters that are hard to decide.  Pondering our own existence to guide our lives according to our personal aspirations, while reviewing our business decisions by examining the external factors prompting change and with a brand new focus on our goals.
These usually informal exchanges necessarily yield results and systematically offer new perspectives. They facilitate and even encourage decision-making by confronting one’s initial analysis or revealing new avenues, new ideas to be scrutinized. Most of the outstanding achievements were not accomplished in haste. They are generally the outcome of elements put together over time and stem from decisions that were carefully elaborated.
Assuredly, summer is the ideal time to slow down the pace, an auspicious moment to “let go” and is conducive to taking the right decisions. At Cælis, we encourage you to make hay while the sun shines and to take time out to sit back and relax. A time for you to see things differently, to take advantage of the beautiful weather to get to the essential and to make the right choice for creating value.

What if to communicate, speak of yourself, your business, the objectives you wish to share with your teams, clients and partners is considered a key challenge today ? The only problem is it is not that easy to adopt a firm stance, assert your values or build an image. In fact, the road to building a global communication strategy requires courage. These transformations imply making the right choices via introspection. In order to hammer out a brand positioning, set your targets and make your voice heard you must look at yourself as you are today versus whom you will be tomorrow. You will need to take time out to analyze your strengths and weaknesses and project them in your business environment. Identify your values so that you can then define the supporting structures underpinning the messages you will be building. Finding the right words to speak of yourself entails meticulously decrypting your own story.  Reading between the lines.  This effort is indispensable for you to become a communicating entity capable of sincere, transparent and efficient interaction, pinpointing the contours of your business, asserting your differences and making your message both coherent and comprehensible.

We embarked on this journey in 2012 and we believe that it is important to share this particularly enriching experience with you. We were fortunate to have been led by a highly experienced and responsive team of experts in brand design who partnered with us and guided us in this rewarding adventure : Anne Martiréné (Art Director) managed and coordinated the entire operation while defining the brand’s visual identity with utmost precision. Yves Dougin (Agence MeMo, editorial content management) was in charge of ensuring that the message and its delivery were consistent with this area of expression. Nicolas Martin, working together with the team, was responsible for integration and technical implementation of the website within the framework defined. This task force worked in perfect intelligence with the in-house team managing the project, providing precise, clear and relevant answers tailored to our needs.  Through brainstorming, the entire team at the firm took part in this transformation spearheaded by management at Cælis and this was decisive for the operation to succeed.

The transformation was carried out swiftly and efficiently, changing all forms of expression at Cælis: logo, branding, stationery, correspondence documents, website, telephone messages, interior design, etc.  It also meant transforming people by giving meaning, strengthening the sense of belonging and galvanizing team spirit around shared values.  The transformation also provided us with an elegant and efficient medium for making our know-how more visible.  Lastly, it has truly generated a new drive fueled by creative energy and a source of new activities.

For those of you who have not yet embarked on this journey, we strongly recommend conducting a serious study of this nature which will definitely be a creator of value.

Cælis on the move The work put into designing the firm's new graphical territory was compounded by the extension of our working premises. We decided to take over the 4th floor of the building we occupy at 1 rue du faubourg Saint-Honoré, in the 8th arrondissement de Paris. Our team plus the high-level business associates in charge of special operations, now span four levels. Last but not least, all of our services are available in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Japanese in the near future, to facilitate exchanges with your subsidiaries and/or partners in other countries.

Paving the Way for the Future Guided by its longstanding traditions in education and its quest for efficiency, Cælis supports the European Institute for Cooperation and Development (EICD). This French non-profit organization was founded by business leaders in 1988 and is chaired by Marie-José Nadal. Its goal is to train men and women from all corners of the world in order to contribute towards the social and economic development of both developing and emerging countries. The EICD operates very actively in 14 countries throughout Africa, the Near East, Southeast Asia and Latin America. In the local arena, the EICD identifies reliable partners who may promote training projects offering strong potential, and who can best design, develop, finance and implement these projects, and build capacities amongst local development stakeholders from civil society. Lastly, the EICD places its trust in the talents of the people concerned for project implementation. You too can help the association by submitting your ideas, your network or through funding. A formidable challenge bringing together heart and mind.

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